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Leveraging and Implementing our Best Advice

While the number of hours in the day never change, you are faced with an increasing number of responsibilities from performing investment analysis to managing investment portfolios, responding to client inquiries and developing new business. Your business has never been more challenging. The good news is that as an independent advisor with LPL Financial, you have a dedicated research team on your side. Whether you are seeking a fully integrated investment solution, a recommended asset allocation or unbiased analysis and recommendations for traditional or alternatives investments, our research team works continuously to help you interpret, adjust to, and incorporate the latest developments in the world's capital markets.

Putting LPL Financial Research to work for you is as easy and straightforward as implementing the asset allocation suggestions and investment product recommendations available on our open architecture platforms. If you want to go a step further, our centrally-managed platforms put our best research ideas to work through an all-encompassing solution geared to make your practice more efficient. LPL Financial makes leveraging research and guidance easy and accessible.

Open Architecture and Centrally-Managed Platforms
Through our open architecture platforms you have the ability to thoroughly customize a portfolio to address your clients' unique financial goals. We provide the building blocks you require to be the most effective asset manager for your clients.

Given the number of new products and asset allocation models available in the industry today, keeping up with the latest innovations in portfolio solutions can be a daunting task. If you prefer a more turnkey approach, our centrally-managed platforms take our best research ideas and synthesize them into easy-to-use turnkey solutions. We use our asset allocation expertise to develop portfolio solutions aligned with every investment objective from the most conservative to the most aggressive. The LPL Financial Research team also provides valuable insight on a broad array of investment products, using our extensive due diligence and analytical skills to develop easily accessible recommended and approved lists.

Multiple Solutions for Individual Needs

Manager Select
Platform Type
Research Role
Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)
Offers a set of models centered on investment themes, such as Alpha-Focused, Diversified Risk Aware, Social Responsible and Tax Aware.
Centrally Managed
Designs the strategic and tactical asset allocation models, selects and monitors a separate set of mutual funds for each investment theme based on correlation and manager performance characteristics, and portfolio construction.
Strategic Asset Management (SAM)
Advisor has access to a nearly unlimited array of investments.
Open Architecture
Designs the strategic and tactical asset allocation models, offers a recommended list of mutual funds and ETFs.
Optimum Market Portfolios (OMP)
Low investment minimum solution that is rebalanced by the advisor or at the discretion of LPL Financial Research, depending on models.
Centrally Managed
Designs the strategic and dynamic asset allocation models, consults on the two or more sub-advisors for each Optimum Fund, which comprises the portfolios, and portfolio construction.
Personal Wealth Portfolios (PWP)
Offers a one-account, one-contract, one-solution approach for using a combination of separate accounts, ETFs and mutual funds.
Centrally Managed
Designs the strategic asset allocation models, provides a recommended list of managers and mutual funds differentiated by category rationale (conservative, moderate and aggressive).
Manager Select
Separate account platform allowing advisors access to institutional portfolio managers at significantly lower account minimums.
Open Architecture
Offers recommended strategic and tactical asset allocation models, provides a recommended list of money managers by asset class.