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Keeping You and Your Clients Informed

LPL Financial Research meets the needs of independent advisors through personalized one-on-one support, pre-approved client-facing reports, informative conference calls, daily market perspectives, and other value-added services. You can rely on LPL Financial Research to help you to build and maintain client relationships by providing the high quality, objective information and research you require to serve your clients' needs.

Information Rich Materials

We recognize that while it's essential to have access to timely economic and investment analysis, it's equally important to be able to quickly and easily share it with your clients. We make our research reports, commentaries and other publications readily available to you through our integrated BranchNet platform. BranchNet provides easy access to graphically engaging publications available for posting on your website or emailing to your clients in the click of a button.

Our publications and investment guidance serve as tangible evidence of the expertise you are able to draw upon as you develop, maintain and monitor client portfolios. Timely publications, client letters and client-focused campaigns cover a myriad of topics, including:

  • Asset allocation and manager recommendations
  • Sector views
  • Investment opportunities and performance
  • Current market environment
  • Economic landscape
  • Impactful government policies and legislation
  • Geopolitical events

LPL Financial Research publishes a variety of communications varying from weekly market updates to quarterly commentaries and our annual outlook. Each publication is approved for client use and is made available in PDF format so it's easy for you and your clients to print and download the information you need.

  • Weekly Market Commentary
  • Weekly Economic Commentary
  • Bond Market Perspectives
  • Current Conditions Index
  • Portfolio Compass
  • Search for Income
  • Annual Outlook

ASK Research - Accurate, Swift, Knowledgeable

Our dedicated team of research professionals is prepared to address your market and investment questions. You can access this team directly on the phone or by email and keep up-to-date with analyst views via the Research Blog Spot. The ASK Research team is committed to providing assistance when you need it to help you make informed investment decisions for your clients.

Conference Calls/Webinars

LPL Financial Research conducts a Daily Research Morning Call (followed by the Daily Market Update email) as well as a series of equity and fixed income manager perspectives throughout the year. These calls and webinars are designed to:

  • Provide you with timely and actionable insights
  • Arm you with topical comments to share with your clients on the economy, markets, managers and portfolio construction
  • Offer a great opportunity to keep up-to-date on recent recommendation changes and market trends
  • Participate in live Q&A sessions with LPL Financial Research analysts

Third-Party Research Support

LPL Financial has partnered with several industry leading third-party research providers to offer you additional research tools to provide greater insight into portfolios you may manage directly. Our partners offer thorough research and insightful analysis that may be used independently or in conjunction with LPL Financial Research. Topics covered include but are not limited to individual equity securities, individual fixed income securities, mutual funds, options, variable annuity subaccounts and analytics.

LPL Financial Research partner providers include:

  • Argus
  • Credit Suisse
  • eVestment Alliance
  • FactSet
  • Ford
  • MarketEdge
  • Morningstar
  • NorthernTrust
  • Standard and Poor's
  • QUODD +
  • Thomson Financial
  • XTF
  • Zacks