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Empower Your Business

Research strives to deliver outstanding investment performance and service. We provide comprehensive research and advice for all advisors affiliated with LPL . We hope to be a key resource and component of your investment decision making. Our goal is to be viewed as an industry leader in the advice we deliver (areas, products), how we package our advice (platforms, models, themes), and how we disseminate it (communications).

LPL Research provides free, objective, timely and actionable investment research and advice. Specifically, our team:
  • Recommends tactical and strategic asset allocation positioning and investment vehicle usage
  • Supports all investment platforms with recommendations, analytics and ongoing due diligence
  • Provides you and your clients with informational pieces and campaigns to help you better understand investment vehicles, markets and portfolio performance

At LPL Research our goals is to leave you feeling confident that our recommendations and findings are the result of an experienced, proven and objective partner.

  • We have no proprietary products to sell, no investment banking relationships to promote nor any other business conflicts to get in the way of providing you with objective recommendations. Our compensation is not tied to any revenue-sharing arrangements, but instead to the performance of our recommended models and investments.
  • Your independent practice benefits from the research efforts of a dedicated team of investment professionals, all devoted to helping you produce better results. We empower you to understand changes in the financial landscape while giving you the option to outsource the more time-consuming aspects of investment research to us.
We are confident that our Research offerings will help you to:
  • Differentiate your practice
  • Enhance your profitability
  • Improve client satisfaction