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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many LPL Financial advisors are there?
A. Approximately 13,500 financial advisors across the United States.

Q. How many back office employees?
A. Approximately 2,900 employees support LPL Financial advisors.

Q. When was LPL Financial started?
A. LPL Financial was formed in 1989 through the merger of two small but successful brokerage firms, Linsco (established in 1968) and Private Ledger (founded in 1973).

Q. Why do you have multiple headquarters?
A. Linsco was headquartered in Boston, Private Ledger in San Diego so both headquarters were retained after the merger in 1989 to provide national coverage. The Charlotte office was opened in 2006.

Q. Can I use a DBA?
A. Yes. Financial advisors that clear through LPL Financial can use the LPL brand or a unique DBA of their choosing.

Q. Can I office out of my home?
A. Yes. Where you locate your office is completely up to you.

Q. Can I add staff/advisors to my office?
A. Yes. Many LPL advisors have large staffs including other registered representatives. It is also possible to become an OSJ for several offices.