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BranchNet: Premium Tools

In addition to the BranchNet Core Features and Services, BranchNet offers a fully integrated suite of premium tools, available on a subscription basis. Premium tools and software programs have been developed by the experienced LPL Financial IT team as well as our leading industry software developer partners to streamline portfolio management, rebalancing and review; create dynamic and engaging client presentations; and automate a broad range of client management and business processes through innovative CRM tools.

Salesforce CRM
Developed in conjunction with, our innovative CRM tool significantly improves client management and office efficiency, while helping maximize profitability. This industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution is designed and customized for both independent and institution advisors. It provides numerous tools to improve efficiency and productivity, review and analyze profitability, manage client relationships, and establish and manage contact lists.

Portfolio Management and Reporting
Our proprietary Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Review Tool provide 12 highly customizable, reports generated directly from account information housed in BranchNet to keep clients up-to-date on progress toward their goals.

Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager enables you to streamline account management and create consolidated, client-approved performance reports that significantly enhance your presentation of advice. Portfolio Manager provides a venue for you to analyze your client's holdings and, potentially, grow your assets under management. It allows you to quickly find all accounts and all positions held by a client or household through one convenient location and offers multiple views of your aggregate data.

  • Organize your client database to show the aggregate value of all accounts within a household
  • Provide added value to your clients with the ability to include unofficial accounts and non-tracked securities
  • Analyze your book of business more efficiently
  • Enhance your presentation of advice to clients by generating performance and consolidated reports

Portfolio Review Tool
The Portfolio Review Tool provides diagnostic reports with detailed asset allocations for use with existing and prospective clients.

  • Quickly organizes your clients' account information
  • Automatically populates report fields with LPL Financial and outside holding
  • Integrates all of the data/information
  • Determines an asset allocation that reflects your clients' goals
  • Compares current holdings to a target model

Advisors have found the Portfolio Review Tool particularly helpful in:

  • Transitioning from a brokerage to an advisory-based business
  • Analyzing investments that extend beyond their areas of expertise
  • Managing larger client portfolios

ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution
LPL Financial recognizes that you need an efficient and reliable way to identify trades and rebalance portfolios across multiple accounts. In response, LPL Financial has developed solutions to address portfolio rebalancing needs through enhancements to BranchNet, which include a seamless integration with a leading technology provider of portfolio rebalancing solutions, Advisor Software Inc. (ASI).

Through a partnership with LPL Financial and Advisor Software Inc. (ASI) you have access to the ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution, a premier, web-based application that is integrated with BranchNet to help simplify the rebalancing process. With ASI's solution, you can maximize your productivity by streamlining time-consuming manual rebalancing and improve account management with efficiency and consistency across client accounts.

You will easily be able to:

  • Analyze a client's portfolio
  • Establish your own custom models or rebalance to LPL Financial Research models
  • Gain access to comprehensive data sources
  • Personalize the tool to meet your needs
  • Generate sophisticated rebalancing reports

WealthVision provides LPL Financial advisors with a web-based wealth planning tool that offers an aggregated, comprehensive view of a client's financial portfolio, as well as features and functions that enable more complete planning and better servicing of client needs. WealthVision leverages the leading financial planning software in the industry today, eMoney Advisor, and takes it to the next level through full integration with LPL Financial technologies, creating a seamless planning experience for advisors, their staff and clients.