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The fast pace of business demands trading and rebalancing solutions built for speed and efficiency. That is exactly what you will have with Enhanced Trading and Rebalancing - an integrated, single-platform solution for your advisory business.

The trading platform provides the most efficient way to place trades on advisory accounts, while helping to mitigate missed opportunities and allowing you to quickly react to market conditions and client needs. The rebalancing feature allows you to be more efficient and strategic by rebalancing any number of your advisory accounts--from one to all--using custom models you can create and manage. Whether creating complex models or trading multiple accounts at once, Enhanced Trading and Rebalancing can help provide more control and accuracy--giving you hours back in your week.

  • Execute multiple trades on multiple accounts at one time
  • Manage more accounts at once by creating and managing complex robust rebalancing and portfolio drift monitoring capabilities
  • Access to LPL Financial Research models
  • Set and manage trailing stop orders
  • Trade one or many accounts to target percentages and easily swap securities across your entire business
  • Manage orders in real time with enhanced order management capabilities

The LPL Financial Trading Desk is staffed with experienced equity, fixed income and mutual fund traders who are adept in the technologies used to execute high volumes of trades while maintaining excellent service for our advisors and their clients.