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BranchNet Core Features and Services

Branchnet adds tremendous value to our advisors seeking to streamline operational and businesses functions. Offering an impressive number of innovative account management features, advisors have access to limitless combinations of account and product information in a single click.

BranchNet allows advisors to view:  

  • Consolidated LPL Financial account and household details including account balances, positions, activity and cost basis information
  • Confirms, statements, reports and tax documents  

Automated Routine Tasks
The single sign-on system automates routine tasks creating numerous efficiencies and increasing productivity. Whether setting up systematic withdrawals, opening an account, or responding to operational notifications, time-consuming processes are simplified and accuracy is improved with BranchNet.

BranchNet iDoc
Our BranchNet iDoc document management system allows you to reclaim valuable office space and free up your staff, while still meeting all regulatory requirements for document storage. BranchNet iDoc acts as an online vault-a place where you can store account documents electronically and securely. Your faxes are automatically scanned and entered into the system for you. All the documents you store in BranchNet iDoc meet SEC rule 17a-4(f) for electronic file retention, so you can safely remove the originals from your office.

eSignature: sign, send, store, secure.
eSignature and document submission, powered by DocuSign, provides you and your clients with a secure way to sign and submit documents electronically - at no cost - on the most commonly used operational forms at LPL Financial. Seamlessly integrated within BranchNet, this functionality is accessible via desktop or any mobile device, making working on the go easier. Forms completed using eSignature are automatically submitted to LPL Financial and imaged into BranchNet, eliminating the need to print, fax or mail. In addition to a reduction in paper, eSignature and document submission provides increased efficiency and an enhanced signing experience for you and your clients.

Annuity Paperwork Simplified.
BranchNet even allows advisors to complete annuity orders satisfying the FINRA rule, minimizing paperwork and expediting the investment of funds.Annuity Paperwork Simplified
BranchNet even allows advisors to complete annuity orders satisfying the FINRA rule, minimizing paperwork and expediting the investment of funds.

Advanced OSJ Oversight Tools
LPL Financial simplifies processes for OSJ branch managers by automating a number of supervisory responsibilities through the OSJ Review Tool in BranchNet. This tool provides OSJ branch managers with a simple and secure environment to manage required supervisory tasks on a daily and monthly basis while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Technology That Drives Profitability
We provide a multitude of tools for advisors to segment and track their commissions, return on assets and monitor their overall business, helping lower operating costs and increase profitability.