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Helping your clients close the gap on potential risks is a core element of wealth planning. And risk analysis is an integral part of the services and advice you provide. At LPL Financial we provide you the tools, resources and support you need to identify and analyze client risk factors and make objective and unbiased recommendations as you seek to provide your clients with greater peace of mind.

Full-service insurance solutions and dedicated support.

Our life insurance agency, LPL Insurance Associates, Inc., offers a full suite of life insurance solutions, including:

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Universal life
  • Variable universal life
  • Long-term care solutions
  • Structured settlements

LPL Insurance Associates, Inc. is a full-service agency, providing:

  • Case design and illustrations
  • Sales support
  • Advanced planning support
  • Carrier and product selection
  • Case management

By processing your insurance through LPL Insurance Associates, Inc., you benefit from:

  • Competitive payouts
  • Streamlined processing
  • Concierge service for large cases
  • A team dedicated exclusively to serving your needs and those of your clients