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Alternative Investments

As investor needs become increasingly complex and sophisticated, the marketplace has introduced a growing number of alternative investment products. Alternative investments provide qualified investors with exposure to markets and investment strategies that cannot be accessed through traditional fixed income and equity markets.

Alternative Investments Help You Meet a Broader Range of Client Needs

LPL Financial has responded to the growing need for increased diversification with a range of innovative products designed for formulating, supporting or supplementing specific strategies, including:

  • Managed Futures
  • Hedge Funds
  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate (REITS, Limited Partnerships)
  • 1031 Exchange Programs
  • Concentrated Equity Solutions (Exchange Funds, Collars, Pre-Paid Forwards)
  • Oil & Gas Partnerships
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Non-Traded Business Development Companies
  • Exchange Funds
  • Alternative Strategy Mutual Funds

Alternative Investment Strategy Development Support

Complex tax and regulatory requirements can make sorting through and selecting the right investments for your high-net-worth clients a daunting task. LPL Financial provides you with information and educational materials from key resources to help you determine which alternative investments are the most appropriate options for your clients.

Our dedicated sales support desk, LPL Financial Research team and our product sponsors are all committed to helping you navigate the world of alternative investments. LPL Financial also offers a free web-based tool called the Investor Presentation & Proposal Tool (IPPT), allowing you to quickly and easily print professional and engaging client presentation materials and illustrations on futures, hedge funds and funds of hedge funds for fee-based and brokerage accounts.

Alternative investments may not be suitable for all investors and should be considered an investment for the risk capital portion of the investor's portfolio. The strategies employed in the management of alternative investments may accelerate the velocity of potential losses.

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