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Wirehouse Advisors

At LPL, We Call Your Hard Work Equity

Advisors seeking to move from a wirehouse environment stand to benefit significantly when choosing independence. As an independent advisor with LPL, you own your clients and your book of business and keep more of the revenue you generate through our bonus payout structure. Owning your own book gives you the freedom to sell your business or purchase another advisor’s book to augment your own. And, as a business owner, protecting your legacy is key—providing security for your family and continuity of expertise for your clients. We provide succession planning services to help you develop a plan to pass along or sell your practice to the advisor of your choice.

At LPL, our sole focus is helping you establish a competitive, independent practice. The transition process is just the beginning of our long-term commitment to you. Ours PartnersProgram is a proven system refined from our experience transitioning thousands of advisors to independence with LPL and designed to make your transition from a wirehouse as smooth as possible.