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Retirement Plan Advisors

Helping You Build a Great Business

Retirement plan advisors share a passion for delivering objective guidance to organizations and their employees. However, rising complexity in plan design, multiple layers of fees and proliferation of investment options—not to mention increasing compliance costs and regulatory oversight—can create obstacles to growing your practice.

Delivering the highest quality products and services to institutional and individual clients while strategically growing your practice is not easy. Advisors need direct access to industry-leading tools, services and technology to compete for new business and retain existing clients. You want to rely on a knowledgeable business partner—someone who speaks the language of retirement plans and is 100% committed to your success.

You need the power, knowledge and commitment of LPL Financial Retirement Partners—the nation’s preeminent, independent retirement plan platform.

Powerful and Focused on You

At LPL Financial Retirement Partners, we are passionate about building retirement solutions for plan advisors, and the organizations and employees they serve. By listening carefully, we have developed a unique business model that shares insights from the best advisor network in the industry. It stems from our conviction to always do what is right for you.

Built by Advisors, for Advisors
  • Pursue the vision you have always had for your business with confidence, knowing that your clients’ interests always come first
  • Incorporate proven insights and best practices that help you deliver top-quality retirement-plan guidance and wealth management solutions that your clients demand and deserve
Highest Quality Tools and Services
  • Spend more time consulting on your clients’ administration and participant education needs, leaving us to do more time-consuming activities such as provider due diligence, plan comparisons, and fee analysis under Department of Labor (DOL) Rule 408(b)(2)
  • Ensure that your plan’s investments are diversified, well managed, and meet stated objectives by deploying our industry-leading analytical tools covering 20,000 mutual funds
  • Implement your recommendations with greater precision through 100% open plan architecture
State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Enhance the quality and depth of guidance you provide clients through our comprehensive plan provider review and benchmarking programs
  • Help plan sponsor lower plan risk through fiduciary-level investment monitoring
  • Help clients with Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation and automated monitoring
  • Help plan sponsor improve plan documentation and access to critical plan information