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Business Models

Make Your Next Move Your Smartest Move Yet

Whether you already own and run an independent practice or are considering independence for the first time, LPL can help you make your next move a smart move. From defining your compensation model to determining how to structure your business and where to focus your time and resources, LPL is committed to helping you meet your personal and business objectives while better serving your clients' needs.

Our sophisticated planning tools, broad investment platform, extensive research capabilities, business consulting services, and sound transition and back-office support combine for a more rewarding opportunity to build equity in a practice you can call your own.

Choosing Independence with LPL Provides You the Freedom and Resources to:

  • Build equity in your own business, creating a tangible asset that you own and can pass along or sell when you're ready to retire
  • Boost your income through higher payouts and greater control over expenses to help you increase profitability
  • Control your expenses by making business decisions at a local level, rather than relying on mandates passed down from a distant home office
  • Choose your business model and develop your own business strategy; you decide whether to focus on fee- or commission-based services or both
  • Do what is best for your clients with no proprietary products or secondary agendas standing in your way